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Subscribe for free MYOB hints during June

I’d like to introduce you to Frankie. She has been working with EzyLearn in an admin capacity and she going through some of our training material and writing a little bit about each video so that we can showcase what we have.

Every week we are getting fantastic feedback about our online courses and we’ll share some of them with you. Remember if you haven’t tried online learning, our courses come with a money-back guarantee and LIFETIME membership.

We’ll be releasing some of our MYOB Setup videos to help you setup your own MYOB Accounting company and data file. The videos we’re releasing are part of the training videos that are included in our online MYOB Training Course.

Remember that our Online MYOB Training Course contains over 120 training videos, 5 hours of continuous instruction, 5 training workbooks that you can print and keep as a reference and knowledge reviews to test what you’ve learnt and guide you in the right direction for incorrect answers. Students who enrol now will also receive free membership to the course for the rest of their working life.

Visit our website for more information and to enrol:

You can also stay in touch with EzyLearn and what’s going on my liking our new Facebook page:

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Do you have an MYOB bookkeeping question?

When we introduce a new service linked to our online training courses we announce it here at the EzyLearn blog. Today we announce the EzyLearn Q&A Service for the MYOB Accounting Course. This service will be rolled out to all online courses over the coming year.

This is the time of year that forces most MYOB questions to the surface. It’s the time of year when all of a sudden you need to know how to enter a transaction or where to put a value.

EzyLearn’s online MYOB Training course is popular because the lifetime membership gives you the ability to go over the material as often as you like and when you like. It also gives you access to new material that we create. Businesses vary greatly and the needs of each small business are very different and we want to do something about it for you.

Our partner program puts us in touch with many people in the accounting, training and bookkeeping sectors and we are introducing  a new trial service called MYOB Q&A. The service is only available for students enrolled into our online MYOB training course and it works a little like this:

  1. Go to any Learning Outline page in the learning site
  2. Look for the MYOB Q&A section on the right
  3. Enter your details, the category of question and type in your question.

We will do our best to work through student questions with a Certified MYOB consultant to provide you with even deeper knowledge about how to use MYOB.

See what’s included in our online MYOB training course.

Enrol into our online MYOB course today and start learning by 5pm the next business day.

online MYOB training course and support communityUPDATE: This service, available to MYOB, WordPress and Excel students is now called EzyLearn ANSWERS.

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Online MYOB training for New Zealand students

We’ve had some inquiries and enrolments from New Zealand students and this blog is to help you understand some fundamental differences between Australian and New Zealand versions.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the knowledge review questions used in our MYOB Payroll Introduction (course 505) use the sample company file which comes with the free MYOB Test drive. From discoveries made by our New Zealand students the sample file contains different information in different countries. You need to use the Australian version to get the correct answers.

This brings another problem, when you try to download the Australian version of the test drive you need to enter a phone number. One of our students entered our telephone number as the contact number and we have no problem with you doing that if you are an EzyLearn student. If we hear something different from MYOB we’ll let you know.

I should also mention at this point that this might also apply to our students from Canada, China, Korea, UK and other parts of the world.

If you want to take a look at what students have said about our course click here.

If you want to receive these updates in your email, subscribe to the EzyLearn blog here:

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How did you go in the MYOB skills test?

Answer Stats for MYOB online training course free public skills test

We recently made a quick MYOB skills test available on our website to coincide with the launch of our full online MYOB training and assessment tools and the result from over 3000 website visitors showed some very interesting information. The average score was 44.74, with the bulk of students receiving between 31-70%.

Most fascinating was that less than 10% of all attempts managed to get the first two questions right! These questions related to what options are found in the command centres.

Tests are a great way to highlight learning outcomes of a course while providing links to the exact training material you need to provide the correct answer and our online MYOB training course includes 9 knowledge reviews covering the Day-to-day operations of a business, bank reconciliation (which if completed successfully allows you to complete your BAS in less than 5 minutes) and Payroll Introduction.

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MYOB Training Course and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

MYOB online training course - Institute_of_Certified_Bookkeepers

MYOB online training course - Institute_of_Certified_BookkeepersWhen you enrol into our Online MYOB Training Course from today onwards you receive LifeTime access to all training materials to use as resource after your initial training (this also includes new training materials that we create) AND you can become a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers at half the normal price.

We are working hard every day to give you the skills and certification to be a confident MYOB software user plus give you tools to improve your professional profile for business development or career development.

Take a quick quiz to test your MYOB skills.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of being an EzyLearn student, enrol now online and start by 5pm tomorrow afternoon (next business day).

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Are MYOB skills good enough to be a bookkeeper?

MYOB bookkeeper with Cert IV in Bookkeeping

MYOB bookkeeper with Cert IV in BookkeepingAccounting in the past

I remember the days when MYOB was a young company called Data Tech Pty Ltd, they were based in Crows Nest and gave trials of their software on floppy disk and videos on how powerful their software was on VHS. It was also an awkward situation if you wanted to become “certified”. Many people learnt how to use the software and offered their services and it wasn’t until you had a couple customers under your belt that you could become certified by MYOB. This scenario is now very different.

Education businesses around Australia (and New Zealand) now have strict guidelines to follow when they deliver and assess their training (as part of the Cert IV in Training and Assessment) and there’s a whole new official language which includes: Scope of Registration, Units of competency, Learning outcomes, competency mapping, Core subjects, electives, qualifications, subjects etc. The great news is that we are now “mapping” our training material with the outcomes for the Cert IV in Bookkeeping!

This qualification will be mandatory by 2013 if you plan to perform bookkeeping tasks for a business whether you are an employee, contractor or a small business owner.

In fact to give you an idea of how specific and focussed this new qualification is here are the electives (based on your desired goal):

Contract Bookkeeper
• (FNSICCUS401B) Deliver a professional service to customers
• (FNSICCUS402B) Maintain customer relationship

Small Business Owner
• (FNSICORG510B) Manage own professional development
• (FNSPRAC501B) Manage and maintain small/medium business operations

Permanent Paid Bookkeeper
• (FNSICORG510B) Manage own professional development
• (FNSICCUS402B) Maintain customer relationship

Are you a BAS agent?

You might also be interested to know that “If you provide BAS services for a fee or other reward, you are required by law to be registered as a BAS agent” with the ATO.

Our offer to students

We recently announced the Lifetime MYOB course student membership for all students so you can use our learning resources (including updates as they are created) and now we are happy to inform that we are mapping our training material to the desired learning outcomes for the subjects which make up the Cert IV in Bookkeeping. We’ll be working closely with an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) in a VET partnership and we’ll be able to help you get some fundamental MYOB and accounting skills via our online course, PLUS provide you with a pathway to your Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (including assessment and certification).

Visit out MYOB course website or enrol as a student.

Make sure you subscribe to our blog to receive these articles in your email. If this has been forwarded to you, click the title of the blog post and subscribe at our website.

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How much do you know about MYOB?

MYOB Quick free skills test and training

MYOB Quick free skills test and trainingTests are an excellent way to master new skills. If they are created with a learning outcome in mind they force you to answer based on your current knowledge and then provide you with an explanation of what the correct answer is and where you can go to find more.

We’ve recently updated our online MYOB training course to include over 80 knowledge review questions covering most aspects of operating MYOB software on a day to day basis. For each question we provide you with the correct answer and information about where you can go to review your knowledge and get it right the next time.

You’re invited to attempt a quick MYOB skills test to see how much you know.

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LIFETIME membership for MYOB online training course

OldCoupleInLovebyErikclitgaad - lifetime MYOB and Excel training course We use the EzyLearn Blog to announce improvements, additions and updates to existing courses and training services and today we announce LIFETIME access to students who enrol into our MYOB Training Course from today onwards. This feature will be introduced to our other courses during the year.

It’s finally here. We’ve made some improvements to our MYOB Training course during the New Year period and are thrilled to announce the latest and greatest feature in online MYOB training. “Lifetime membership” for our online MYOB training course.

Lifetime membership means that after you have completed your course you are free to use the training site as a resource for the rest of your working life! As new content and online learning resources are created, you will have access to these resources for no extra charge.

If you agree with us that this offer is amazing share it on Twitter or Facebook and tell your friends. Otherwise head over to our online training course website to learn more about what we offer OR test your MYOB skills using our free MYOB online training skills test.

EzyLearn: That’s how easy it is.

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Recommend us for a reward

These days you can promote the fact you like something very quickly and easily. Twitter and Facebook accounts are free and almost everyone knows how to use them. Established blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger are also easy and free to setup but there are even simpler microblogging platforms like Posterous.

What’s so good about all this new technology that is available? It means you can sign up for affiliate accounts and start earning money from referring good quality website to people you know or are connected to. Here’s a link to a post we wrote earlier this year which explains a bit about how affiliate marketing works.

We are trialling a new affiliate service for our online MYOB course and the reward is $25 for a successful sale from your recommendation. Don’t worry the affiliate management system keeps track of your referrals. Here’s a link to the affiliate website.

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Steve training Excel and MYOB in December

If you are located in Sydney and want to attend an MYOB Day to Day Transactions course or Beginners Microsoft Excel 2007 before the festive season begins, you are in luck. Steve, who has created most of the EzyLearn content for computer software training is the trainer for the upcoming Excel and MYOB courses at Chatswood training centre Maxis Solutions.

Steve will use his humour and years of education experience to make the the learning of these software programs as simple and as quick as possible.

The one day courses are usually held on a Wednesday and you can enrol online using their secure and automatic enrolment service. Click the link below to enrol:

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MYOB Payroll – Employee Payment transaction video

The EzyLearn offer to MYOB students is simple. One price for access to all training resources (videos, workbooks and knowledge reviews) in a 12 month period including new updates. The MYOB Payroll course is part of and it’s now ready for paying students to enrol. Included in this blog post is the 4th of 5 videos in part 1 of the course launched today.

This part of the course takes you through the sample company data file to highlight and explain how to navigate around and get information about employees, wages and other payroll categories, pay slips (Pay advices), pay cheques and other transaction information relating to Payroll.

If you are not already enrolled into the course you can choose the

  1. Full Access enrolment (no certificate), or
  2. Full Access enrolment (including assessment and certificate)

Enrol today!

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Earn money with phone bill analysis and Microsoft Excel

phone bill analysis example 2 - virion
phone bill analysis example - virion
phone bill analysis example - virion

One of the benefits of a spreadsheet is you can use a reasonably complicated spreadsheet over and over. One person goes to the effort of creating a spreadsheet and millions of people could potentially use that spreadsheet for a similar purpose.

The people at virion business grade voip have put a spreadsheet together to make it easier for them to perform price comparisons for their customers. The virion prices are fixed into the spreadsheet so all you need to do is enter in information about the costs on your phone bill and hey presto, phone bill analysis showing potential savings.

virion operates a distributed business model using “cloud based” software to manage and promote their business. Cloud computing is where your software operates over the internet, just like your banking and email applications like Hotmail and Gmail. Even powerful companies like MYOB are facing competition from cloud based solutions which are smaller, nimbler and more in tune with early adopters of new technology.

As part of the virion distributed business model they are seeking the help of remote contractors who are interested in earning money performing price comparisons for people they know as well as from leads provided by the company.

If you are interested in performing these tasks and earning money while working from home register as a remote contractor for further details as they come to hand.

If you want to take a look at the Microsoft Excel file that virion voip use for the phone bill analysis, please see the attachment to this blog post. Call Cost Comparison Spreadsheet v5 – RC

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What is a Remote Contractor or Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Software as a Service (in the Cloud)

woman using mobile to find job in payroll, accounts receivable or administrationWITH THE ADVENT of fast speed broadband internet, software programs that operate “in the cloud” and telecommunications that use your internet connection, there’s no wonder the Remote Contractor market is growing.

In the Cloud explained

What is in the cloud, you ask? Well, it’s just like Hotmail or Facebook or your internet banking; secure services that you use on the Internet from anywhere in the world.

It’s easy to access and you don’t need to bring your computer with you if you don’t want to. Even programs like MYOB are moving to the cloud with their online product called Live Accounts. It’s also an interesting time for these companies because new and nimble competitors have an opportunity to grab a market share; take Xero online accounting (New Zealand company) for example.

There are online customer databases like SalesForce which companies use to keep track of their customers and Skype that allow personal users to make calls to other Skype users for free. These services enable you to work from where ever you are and enable employers to validate that you have logged in and performed the desired work so opportunities are coming thick and fast for home workers.

Remote Contractors and Virtual Assistants (VA)

Remote worker, home-based employment, virtual assistants and even Mumpreneurs (working mums and parents starting their own businesses) are some of the terms used to describe this type of work. Some of the work available is paid hourly pay or payment for specific tasks. Of course, it’s an ideal situation for working parents who need to earn an income while caring for babies and young children. But it’s also fairly in demand.

Courses built around employment outcomes

If you’re going to invest time and money in study and upskilling, it’s a given that you want to earn more money as a result, whether that be locally or in your home office. Our online training courses are designed with job outcomes in mind — our cloud accounting software courses in MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks are designed by professionals working in the industry so they know what the requirements are.

Our training courses include real life examples mirroring the everyday occurrences of real world businesses, and its becoming increasingly common for businesses to outsource work tasks to contractors working from home (think bookkeeping, telemarketing, graphic design, social media, content marketing and sales work).

What you study in our courses follows the logical flow of the how everyday businesses are run. Bookkeepers are as in demand as ever, and our courses are designed to help you set yourself up as a bookkeeper, working in an accounting practise, for yourself, or for someone else’s business.

If you’re considering a local position as a receptionist, or in administration or clerical or you enjoy bookkeeping work and want to find a job in accounts payable & receivable and payroll, we have courses for all skills levels from beginners’ to advanced.

Find out more about how we will help you earn more money

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Upgrading the MYOB data file for MYOB AccountRight Plus 19

You can’t have your old data file in the location where you’d like to put it. In AccountRight Plus 19 (the upgarde for MYOB Accounting Plus v18.5) the folder where all the files are stored is located at C:\Plus19.

The Training_Company exercise file used in our MYOB Bank Reconciliation course (#503) uses a datafile created in MYOB Accounting Plus v18 so it needs to be upgraded if you have downloaded the latest version. You can upgrade the file using the special program (found under the start menu) or by simply trying to open the file using the program.

This video takes you through the upgrade process. Click Here to see the elearning website, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the topics covered in MYOB Bank Reconciliation 503. If you wish to enrol into the course you can enrol at the website mentioned above of visit our online ordering site for online courses by clicking here.

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Downloading the MYOB Training Company data file

There is an exercise file used in our 503 – MYOB Bank Reconciliation course called Training_Company.MYO. This file is accessible via this link if you are a student: This file contains a nice simple collection of data and after you have completed the step-by-step exercises the bank reconciliation process is nice and simple.

We’ve used Google’s new Internet Browser called Google Chrome (which is very fast compared to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), to show you how to access this datafile and get it onto your computer. This data file was created using MYOB Accounting Plus version 18 so if you are using a more recent version of the software you’ll need to upgrade the datafile using the upgrade assistant.

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Navigate your way around

I recently started a topic in a finance course I am doing with Kaplan Professional to discover that this tertiary qualification I am studying is done completely online. That means watching powerpoint slides with audio, reading a workbook and having access to an online forum if I have questions. Even the assignment task is submitted online and results received via the online learning portal.

My first thought was how interesting that a well reputed education institution stops having lectures altogether and I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to meet my fellow students and share stories and ask questions. After using the learning tools however I have come to the conclusion that the tools themselves are very useful and it re-affirmed our online training goals here at EzyLearn to become the number one source of online training in Australia for employment and productivity for small to medium businesses.

We have received help requests of how to get around our online learning websites so the video in this post is designed to give you a quick demonstration.

The production of the next MYOB course (MYOB Payroll) is underway and you’ll get a change to see these videos for free if you are a subscriber to this blog. This video is a small taste of the many more to come. Please feel free to comment or share this blog post with your friends. To visit the online MYOB course website, click here.