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How Bad Do You Want It? (Money, That Is!)

invoicing small business
Don’t do all the hard work and not get paid for it: consult our checklist for what you can do to get paid – and faster.

If you’re working as a contractor and using an Australian business number (ABN), rather than a tax file number (TFN), you’re self-employed, and this means you will need to invoice your customers for the products or services you provide in order to get paid.

If you’ve only ever worked as an employee before, you’re probably used to being able to set your clock to payday, but unfortunately this isn’t often the case when you’re a contractor.

Getting paid late — or worse, not at all! — can seriously affect your cash-flow, and in turn, affect the success of your business, which is why we cover things like financial planning in our Small Business Management and Start Up Course.

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Invoice Your Customers Directly Using PayPal

We were recently surveying our PayPal account and discovered that you can now invoice customers directly using PayPal. While it doesn’t eradicate the need for a good piece of accounting software, this facility makes it very easy for people to get started in business — particularly businesses with very few expenses.

PayPal 2014 Screen - Manage Invoices - New Invoice Screen

It’s a Great Time to Start a Business!

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, then there has never been the more perfect time to do it. Really, we mean that! In fact, it’s why we started developing our digital business course, because there are now so many online tools to help people get a small business off the ground — it’s just a case of knowing what those tools are and how to use them.

EzyLearn Digital Business Course

This is where we come in. Our Digital Business Course is designed to take you through every step involved in starting an online business — from creating a website to understanding how to manage and operate a small business.

One great facility for any online business, whether you’re selling products or services, is having a PayPal account, which allows you to accept payments from customers all over the world.

The Benefits of PayPal for Your Business

Using PayPal for your business transactions also enables you to expand your business networks right around the globe. You can tap into the global marketplace of remote workers and ensure your transactions are safe and secure every time.

With PayPal as your primary method for accepting payments from customers, you’re able to invoice clients and offer them the option of paying by credit card for free. As a remote worker, this is an easy way to send invoices and reconcile payments all in the one place.

But say you’re not just an online business. Say you’d like to be able to take credit card payments in person too. Well, PayPal also offers a service, called PayPal Here, which allows you to turn any smartphone into a credit card processing terminal, so it doesn’t matter where you are — you can always get paid.


There really has never been a better time to start a business than now, so if you would like more information on our Digital Business Course or our Small Business Management Course which equips you with the knowledge you need to run your own or someone else’s small business (plus you conclude the course with a comprehensive business plan), then contact our team today — we’ll help you get started!

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MYOB Bookkeeping Case Study: A telephone system supplier and installer

Cisco IP Telephones for VoIP systems case study for MYOB training courseWe were reviewing the course outline for the MYOB Day-to-Day Transactions course because it covers most of the topics that someone would need if they are performing daily bookkeeping data entry tasks for a small to medium business.

The course provides the foundation skills that most of the other courses are built on. Once you have the day-to-day data entry skills you will be able to more confidently perform a bank reconciliation, generate reports and prepare BAS returns as well as enter the data and prepare reports for payroll.

The MYOB Day-to-Day course uses a very common case study of a company that provides products and services. We use an IT consultant that sells small business VoIP telephone systems and supports their customers with the initial setup as well as ongoing support.

Course features

Since January 2011 our full suit of 5 MYOB training courses comes with lifetime access so you can revisit the training videos, workbooks with step-by-step exercises and knowledge reviews as often as you want for the rest of your working life. Many students use the course as a resource for when they are using

Our MYOB training courses also come with EzyLearn ANSWERS, a service that we provide to create new course content based on  questions from our students. It’s a way that we increase what is covered in our courses while providing students with an level of customisation and support.

MYOB courses created by certified bookkeepers and BAS agents
MYOB courses created by certified bookkeepers and BAS agents

Another great aspect of this course is that we go into the Inventory module of MYOB Accounting software to see how a company can sell products as well as services using the Inventory module of MYOB AccountRight Plus.

Our MYOB training courses are created using consultation with business owners and certified bookkeepers and registered BAS agents who perform bookkeeping tasks for their own customers.

Free MYOB Training Course

We want to give free MYOB training away so you get a chance to learn more about us and see if we are the company you turn to for your MYOB training courses. Follow the link below and you will automatically receive our free MYOB training resources.

The free MYOB Training Course material is now available at our new MYOB Short Courses catalogue site. Access the FREE MYOB Training Now

Tips and Tricks

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