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Do you need the MYOB software to do our MYOB courses?

Free MYOB test drive software
Free MYOB test drive software

A common question we are asked about our MYOB courses is if you need to have the software on your computer to do the course. The good news is that MYOB offer a free version of their software for students and trials, it’s called the MYOB Test Drive.

You could do most of the MYOB courses without using the software because we have over 170 MYOB training videos (covering BOTH MYOB version 19 and earlier AND MYOB version 11 and newer – all for the one price). You can also test your skills using our MYOB course knowledge reviews, but there is no substitute for actually using the software as you learn. The biggest thing it will give you is the confidence to say “I’ve done that using the software”.

Our MYOB training workbooks include step-by-step exercises that enable you to perform most of the tasks that are performed at a business so you’ll definitely need to have the software for that. But many students like to replicate what they see in the training videos.

[quote]You can pause the MYOB videos and have a go at replicating it using the free student MYOB software.[/quote]

If you are looking for bookkeeping or accounting jobs you will almost always be asked about your MYOB skills and nothing gives you more confidence than actually using the software.

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Why Join the MYOB Job Seekers Student Community?

Mums study group for MYOB job seekersI recently welcomed Michelle, our newest team member who completed our MYOB training course and whom we found by writing a blog post as opposed to spending lots of money on Seek with no success at all.

[quote]I’m not stressing too much how bad our Seek experience was am I?[/quote]

Moving on, I want to share with you what we discovered are the reasons that students join a study community and more specifically a Study group for specialised programs like MYOB. The reasons are very similar to why some people prefer to do an trainer-led (or class-based) course at places like TAFE.

It’s important to remember the goal for the course and joining a study group and that is to find an MYOB job.

Here are the reasons:

Tips and Tricks using MYOB

You may be studying the same course content as other students, but you will interpret some things differently to others just based on your life and work experiences.

Help with your MYOB course

Just because you’re studying online and there is not a teacher standing at the front of the classroom, help and support is available.

Request more MYOB training

We understand that it can be hard to stay up-to-date with market demands—and costly, too. Software vendors are always changing their products, technologies are changing, and then there is the advent of new ones. But as an employee the more you know about changes to software and new technologies, the more valuable you are to an employer.

Get Inspiration from other MYOB students and our Tutors

At some point in our careers, we’ve all needed some form of mentorship or guidance to inspire us to keep going, to reach our goals and our dreams.

Get Recognition in front of their peers

An award ceremony—where you’re presented with your MYOB certificate is a significant and important part of the learning experience.

Find a Study Buddy

Don’t go it alone, get a study buddy. It make the learning experience much more social and human.

Compare yourself

We all do it at some point or another: we size each other up to see how we’re fairing by comparison.

Read more about our Revamped Student Community and come along and join us.