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How did you go in the MYOB skills test?

Answer Stats for MYOB online training course free public skills test

We recently made a quick MYOB skills test available on our website to coincide with the launch of our full online MYOB training and assessment tools and the result from over 3000 website visitors showed some very interesting information. The average score was 44.74, with the bulk of students receiving between 31-70%.

Most fascinating was that less than 10% of all attempts managed to get the first two questions right! These questions related to what options are found in the command centres.

Tests are a great way to highlight learning outcomes of a course while providing links to the exact training material you need to provide the correct answer and our online MYOB training course includes 9 knowledge reviews covering the Day-to-day operations of a business, bank reconciliation (which if completed successfully allows you to complete your BAS in less than 5 minutes) and Payroll Introduction.

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Three MYOB courses for $29 per month for 4 months

Full access to for 12 months is now available at the reduced price of $116 (paid off over 4 months). This is made possible by the new Installment Payment feature available on PayPal and you don’t need to have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card (even though PayPal make this process a little confusing to find).

The pricing has changed because we realised that not everyone wants a certificate at the end of their course, they simply want the skills on how to use MYOB on a day to day basis. Rather than simply give every attendee of the MYOB course a certificate just because they paid their enrolment fee EzyLearn students perform a bank reconciliation (and all the entries to make that possible) and email their datafile for assessment. This process of handling the datafile is time consuming and requires an experienced user to assess whether the tasks were performed correctly.

Our new pricing and installment plan is designed to make our course more accessible to a wider range of potential students who might not have the means to pay for it all up front. Visit the website and look for the enrolment links at the right side of the website.