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ALERT: MYOB Essentials Shock New Credit Card Requirement to Trial is Unexpected and Unwanted

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Who doesn’t love a free trial?  The great thing about some of the popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB is that they provide 30-day free trials where you can use the software at no cost.

It’s great for businesses and contractors wanting to find the right accounting software for them, or for students looking to get experience as they study. 

MYOB didn’t used to require any credit card details when signing up for the trial subscription…but now they do.  Whilst Xero and QuickBooks continue to offer trials with no credit card required, MYOB has diverted from the pack to deliver this unexpected and unwanted change.

What does this mean for trial subscriptions?

Firstly, a recent repackaging of MYOB services means that MYOB Essentials is now called MYOB Business.  When you go to start a free trial with your desired MYOB Business plan, you’ll go through the standard process for most free trial services.

MYOB subscriptions options and free trial options
Image via MYOB

You’ll need to enter your email, name, phone number, and business name first, and then create a password for your account. 

It’s then that you’ll be directed to enter your credit card information.  You cannot proceed with your trial without entering your credit card details.

MYOB free trail sign up process

Direct debit payments begin after your trial period expires – that’s 30 days.  When there was no payment details required you could allow this trial to expire and take no further action, but you’ll now have to ensure you cancel your subscription in time if you want to avoid being charged.

A quick note: MYOB AccountRight free trials are still advertised as not requiring any credit card

MYOB AccountRight free trial no credit card required
Image via MYOB

It’s a pain to have to do, especially if you’re trialling a few different software, or never actually used your free trial service and might have forgotten you even signed up. 

The comment from this user on the MYOB community forum shows why this can be a problem:

MYOB community forum post

MYOB has a rocky track record

We’ve covered a lot of MYOB’s changes and updates, and more often than not there have been issues.    

MYOB has made a habit of updating their software without warning or announcement.  A big change in March of 2020 left a lot of users confused and angry when they found that new accounts were operating on a new version of the software while existing accounts weren’t.

The upgrade wasn’t optional, either, and would be rolled out regardless of whether a user wanted the new version.  It’s kept us constantly updating our MYOB courses to keep up with the changes.

There was also the time when MYOB announced they were no longer supporting MYOB AccountEdge software because MYOB couldn’t keep up with Apple’s operating system changes.  People were left pretty frustrated by these changes too.

MYOB AccountEdge is currently unavailable - Apple Catalina made MYOB promote MYOB Essentials Online training courses

This lack of transparency also applies to MYOB’s website page that announces updates to the software.  The page doesn’t show when updates were made, and it seems that the page is updated constantly and you have to keep refreshing to see new information.

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